Property Services

Real estate investment property services involve the management, disposition, upkeep, and management of real property and its physical assets. This would include residential, holiday homes lettings, industrial, and rental property; whether it is owned by a single individual or multiple owners. It also involves the construction, repair, and improvement of physical assets such as buildings, bridges, roads, parks, recreational areas, storage facilities, inventory, furniture, equipment, inventories, and other related physical assets. These assets are used for development of a property portfolio, which in turn supports the investment strategy.

The term property services has various other names and variations depending on the situation. In residential property services, the management service is usually referred to as leasing services while the building maintenance service is termed as property management service. These two services are very different and serve different purposes. Leasing is an agreement under which the lessee pays a fixed monthly fee to the property owner and is in turn bound to maintain the property as if the owner was living in it. Maintenance and repair of the property are also the responsibility of the owner of the lessee and therefore, the building maintenance and management service are a crucial function.

Property services like Canterbury Property Services form an important part of the sector. They manage the property portfolio, act as agents, maintain an inventory of the assets, ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide a range of other services. Most residential property management companies take care of the lease administration, lease negotiation, collecting lease dues and interest, keeping the property secure, paying the rent, collecting late payments, issues concerning the title, and collecting rents. Apart from these, the property management companies also perform significant functions such as developing financial strategies to meet the investment needs of the future tenants and conducting the day to day financial functions. There are a wide variety of property management companies operating today in Australia who will ensure that the goals of your business are achieved by hiring the appropriate staff and adhering to the contractual obligations and contracts.