What is a Tree Surgeon & Landscape Gardener?

What is a tree surgeon / landscape gardener and what do they do?

In technical terms, a tree surgeon is a licensed specialist that addresses the care and condition of old trees to preserve their growth and encourage their repair. Most practitioners, if not all of them, will need to be licensed to practice their trade – and the majority will have had to undertake extensive training relating to the care and maintenance of bushes, trees and plants in general.

Unlike regular landscape gardeners, a tree surgeon (or an arborist, as they are commonly referred to) will possess a license that will allow them to use heavy machinery and power tools to treat trees. There can be times when a particular shrub may have grown out of control, or when wind damage has taken its toll on the condition of the tree itself. In these cases a good arborist should be able to evaluate the matter and take care of it.

What do arborists offer to their clients?

Most surgeons will specialise in the care and maintenance of trees in general and some of their most typical services can include:

  • Pruning
  • Shaping
  • Cutting
  • Chainsaw limb removal
  • Modifications
  • Nurturing
  • Limb alignment

The reason that these experts are often branded as surgeons is because of the way in which they perform their services. Where a clinical or medical surgeon can address particular issues within the human body, an arborist will instead specialise in treating the physical and biological ailments of trees. Many specialise in pruning and shaping, while others may focus on chemical treatments.

In the former case, it’s not unheard of for these specialists to also work as gardeners; offering a wider range of services to those in need. In the latter instance, and when older trees can show the signs of bacterial build up and decay, a good surgeon should be able to introduce chemical treatments that can aid in the recovery of the plant or tree.

When might a landscaper need to be hired?

These specialists are usually licensed to offer their services in both commercial and residential environments. As a result, they can help with the maintenance of privately owned gardens and outdoor spaces, as well as those that are owned by local authorities. Any gardener hoping to pursue this role will need to undergo training via an accredited educational agency.

Once qualified, an expert will be able to help with a variety of tree-related tasks and the most common reasons to hire these types of professionals is when a tree has suffered with damage, when it is growing too tall, when its limbs are expanding in a way that can cause injury, damage, or obstruction – or when preferences demand in general.